Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Normal Week at the Gady House

There hasn't been anything too exciting going on around here lately. It has just been the basic things that go on. We have been going to "gymnastics" lately which is a ton of fun. It's a local gymnastics place that has an open house for young kids. They can run around, jump on all of the trampolines, swing on the bars, and play in the foam pits. Carson loves it. Maybe I should try to take my camera next time?!

Anyways, Sydney is eating like a champ lately. She is finally starting to like solid food. I was beginning to think she was going to skip over the baby food and just go straight to regular food. Well, just in the last couple of days, she has proved me wrong.

She is so messy that she is now getting a bath every night. She loves them! She kicks her feet the whole time. I didn't know I needed a rain coat while giving my 6 month old a bath!

Carson is loving the deer that is outside in our front yard. Every night, we have to go out to "feed" the deer. He takes a carrot out and puts it in his mouth, and makes a chomping sound. It is so cute. Every time we leave the house, I hear, "bye bye deer" from the back seat. I think it's going to be rough when we have to take it down after Christmas.

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  1. That's so adorable about the deer! What a cutie!