Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Sunday

Today was a typical Sunday at the Gady household, and I loved it! Evan lets me sleep in, and he gets up with the kids. Most days, Carson comes running into my room around 8:30-9:00 saying, "Mommy ake up," so I wake up. We get ready for church, go, and spend the whole church service running in and out tending to the two kids. Neither of them will stay in the nursery, so we take turns getting to listen to the service.

We, then, come home and the kids take naps. Sundays Evan falls asleep on the couch with one of the two kids. It's so cute to see. I love it! I make dinner and we play the rest of the evening.

It's days like this that are my favorite. I love Evan, Carson, and Sydney! I love seeing Evan play with the kids. I love worshiping the Lord at church. I love getting to sleep in. I love my family.

Here are pictures from this wonderful Sunday.

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