Monday, May 24, 2010

Doing "Nothing"

This weekend was wonderful. We stayed in Bloomington (kind of)! Yes, I know, that might not be a big event for some of you. In our house though, it is a rare thing. It was relaxing, fun, and it actually stopped raining. Evan even let me sleep in both days, and that was wonderful.

Friday night, our 5 year anniversary, the four of us went out to eat and then went bowling. Our friends, the Hulbert family, met us at the bowling alley. Carson loved bowling. That word doesn't even describe his happiness while picking up his own bowling ball, carrying it to the ramp, pushing it down and screaming, "GO BALL, GO" and sprinting back to the ball return. He did this for literally an hour. He was profusely sweating.
Now would be the time that I normally would post pictures. I took my camera, got it out, and realized the memory card was on the table here at home. So, I borrowed Katie's camera, took pictures, and went to take out the memory, and there was no memory card! You have that right. We both left them at home. What are the chances?

Saturday went went to Nashville to my parent's cabin. It was beautiful weather while we were there. We did the typical "playing, talking, and hanging out." It has become quite the ritual that we have going. My parents, grandparents, us, and all of the dogs came.

On Sunday, we went to church, and then out to eat with our friends. Then, I got to go to a baby shower to celebrate my friend's baby girl. While I was at the shower, Evan set up the pool that we got for Sydney and Carson. We decided to have an impromptu cook-out that evening on our new grill, so our friends (the Hulbert's and Wyatt's) came over. It was so much fun to just hang out, play with the kids, and eat. It was a great way to end the weekend!

Oh, and no, I did not take one picture this weekend. Which, now, that surprises me, and quite frankly makes me mad at myself. :)

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