Saturday, November 14, 2009

My New Bedroom

Evan told me that for my birthday present, he would let me redecorate our bedroom. I was so excited since I have been wanting to do that for months. Here is the new room. I am in love!

This is obviously not my bedroom, but it is the master bath. We redecorated this a couple months ago. We even put up that white tile in the shower all by ourselves. :)

I made those candle holders on the dresser. They were Christmas decorations with ornaments in them. I went and got necklace pendants and put those in there.

We replaced the awful light that was in our room for that fan.

Above that dresser is says, "May our home know joy, each room hold laughter, every window open to great possibilities." Oh and I also still need to buy something else to put on top of that dresser.


  1. I love your furniture. And the colors in the room are great - so warm.

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