Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Did-ney back"

The other night, Evan was working late. So, I had both kids here to put to bed on my own. No big deal most of the time, but neither of them wanted to be put down. I decided the easiest thing to do would be to put them both in my bed with me. Sydney was laying on my chest, and Carson was laying on my arm. It was PERFECTION!

Carson is so funny. I love that he is starting to be able to carry on a conversation with me. He was telling me that he wanted "Did-ney down."

"Carson, Sydney wants Mommy just like you want Mommy right now, so I can't put her down." I said.

"Did-ney back" he said while pointing to my belly.

"You want Sydney back in Mommy's belly?" I knew where he was going with this, but I just wanted to ask for a response.

"Uh-huh. Mommy's elly pease" He said.

This conversation went on for about five minutes. He was so adamant that he wanted Sydney back in my belly, so he could be the only child again. I am hoping that one day (hopefully soon) he will love being an older brother. But, for now, I have to realize that he is just a baby himself. I absolutely love my two babies!!!

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  1. Hee hee. That is such a cute story. I love your blog. (-: