Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Boom, Bang, and Pop

We had a blast this last weekend celebrating the 4th of July. We were lucky enough to spend both the 3rd and 4th with friends.

Saturday night (the 3rd) we went to the local fireworks with our neighbors/friends Aaron and Erin (yes they are married with the same name). They were fired off at the school, and so being the smart parent's that we are, we parked next to the school playground. :) It was perfect, because for the hour before the sun went down, the kids just played. Carson and Sydney loved them! I was a little worried, because Carson is normally scared of stuff like that. However, he did great, and kept saying, "WOW, that was a great big one," "LOOK Aaron," and "that was a loud one!" Sydney kept pointing at them and saying her, "UHHH UHHH!"

Sunday night (the 4th), the four of us went over to the Wyatt's house. The James and Clampitt families were there also. We had a wonderful dinner and just hung out. The guys had a wonderful time throwing poppers at each other and lighting the fireworks off.


  1. So cute-- send me the pics if you can of the kids. :)

  2. Great pictures! Glad you had a wonderful weekend. Thomas loved the fireworks, too.:)