Sunday, July 11, 2010

Look Mommy!

"Look Mommy! Stop lights! Cars! That fire truck got busted!" Those are the words that Carson was yelling when he saw he new big boy room! We took out his crib/toddler bed, his changing table, and got a new "big boy bed" for him. He is so excited, because it has cars on it. He did really well sleeping in the twin size bed last night for the first time. I was kind of nervous, because we have been having troubles with bedtime lately. However, last night was a success, (compared to lately) and I think it was because he was excited about his new room.

Now, on to the pictures...

The black on the bottom of the walls is chalkboard paint, so he can write on the walls. He thinks that is pretty awesome!

I made those pillows, which I'm proud of since I just got my sewing machine for Mother's Day. I didn't even know how to thread the machine when I got it. :)


  1. The room looks GREAT! How fun!

  2. That's awesome! You did a great job! When can you do Garren and Evan's room??? (-: