Friday, September 24, 2010

Chatter Chatter

I have been LOVING the sayings that Carson has been saying lately. I have been trying to remember them, but I know as time goes on I will forget them. So, I thought I better write them down and share them with you. Some of the ones that I remember, uhh I mean, the cutest are....

"I got work-a-do."
"I am so bizzy!" (I am so dizzy)
"I am big. All the way to the ceiling."
"Will you quased dis for me, pease?" (Will you pause this for me, please. Talking about a movie.)
"Wa you do?" (What did you do?)

The other day, my mom was watching the kids. Carson wanted to take wipes and "clean" the deck. He told my mom that "Mommy will be willy willy happy and pwoud." Then Sydney joined in, and he leaned over right in front of her and said, "Good job, Peanut."

Right before bed the other night, Carson laid down on my lap and said, "it was a nice day today Mommy."

He got in trouble for this one, but it was really hard not to laugh. If it was said to me, I would have cried. Since he said this to Evan, I though it was funny. I am not sure where my sweet little boy went. Evan went to lay down with him, and Carson said, "No way wiff me. I will break you up and fro you in da tash can." (He was saying, Don't lay with me....)

Sydney isn't talking much, but she is saying a couple of words. She says "Mama, Dada, dat (that), ba (ball), uppppp (up), dow (down), da (dog), Pap (Papaw), Na-Na (Nannie), and NO!"

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  1. I love it! I may have to steal your cute phrases idea. (-;