Friday, October 1, 2010

The Best That I Can Do

I've had one of those days that was full of ups and downs. There were times when I was praying, "God, THANK YOU SOOOO much for Carson and Sydney. They are such a blessing." There were also times I was praying, "God, I know Carson and Sydney are a blessing, and thank you for them. However, please grant me patience with them, because I feel like I'm going to lose it!"

The kids and I all slept in today, which if you know me, is a wonderful thing. I love sleep!

It is the first day of October, and I love October. It's my birthday, my mom's birthday, fall is gorgeous, but most importantly, it's Carson's birthday. He will be THREE, and I can not believe it.

We, also, got to have a bunch of our friends over for playgroup, and Carson was an angel. That has typically been a hard thing for Carson. There are 9 kids in the playgroup, and for a two year old, that can be overwhelming. Sharing toys is a hard thing for him, and especially hard for him to share his toys. However, today, he willingly let his "fiends" play with his toys. I was so proud. It made me feel like I was doing something right as a mom.

Then, after Sydney's nap, we all decided to on a walk. We went down to the tractors and dirt pile. The kids wanted to climb to the top of the "dirt mountain," and we had fun. However, on the way home, Carson decided that it was going to be a great idea to throw a huge fit. Of course, neighbors were out, and they all were looking at me. I had to rethink the thought "it made me feel like I was doing something right as a mom."

In my heart of hearts, I know that I am a good mom. I am doing everything in my power to be the best mom that I know how to be. God has given me Carson and Sydney, and I will do love them every day of my life. I have to remind myself that every child at some point throws a fit, and it is NORMAL!

It's now 9:45, and both of my babies are in their beds sleeping. There is absolutely nothing better than a sleeping baby. How can I not feel like the luckiest woman in the world to get to raise these two sweet, strong willed babies?

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